What is the purpose of Stocks Alerts?

Stock Alerts solves the widespread problem of alerting trader about the right market conditions by providing advanced mobile service, to help traders steadily increase their performance.

Who can use Stocks Alerts?

While Stock Alerts is designed for all types of traders, it mainly targets Day-traders, Swing-traders, Chartists and retail investors. SA is the perfect opportunity for a professional trader to make a break and grab a coffee.

Is SA app limited to the stock market?

Nope, Stock alerts covers equities, currencies, futures and indices.

Can I actually trade from Stocks Alerts?

While Stock Alerts is not a brokerage app, you still can execute trades and link your brokerage account. All brokerage connections are provided by US resident company Trade IT and totally save. Stock Alert servers do not store or save any credentials related to linking account.

Do I have to pay for Stocks Alerts?

We provide three active alerts for free. In order to have unlimited alerts, you have to activate monthly or annual subscription.

Are there any in-app purchases or in-app ads in Stocks Alerts?

We believe nothing should interfere with your investing. You will not find any in-app ads or purchases in the stock alerts.

How does the chart alert works?

In Stock Alerts you have the ability to set up alerts directly on detailed stock chart (i.e. channel, level, etc.).

What do I need the custom alert for?

Custom alerts allow traders and investors to set up sophisticated alerts using price changes, various technical indicators and fundamentals.

What kind of default alerts are there in the app?

Within your watchlist you can use default alerts set for all the positions (i.e. Corporate events:  ER in 5/3/1 day, EX in 5/3/1 day, Splits; all time high/low, 52 week high/low; 1%, 5%, 10% move on day; unusual volume traded on day)